August Schuchardt built the house in 1868. The hotel became known as “Schuchardt’s Hotel”. It was considered a first class location and Schuchardt called himself court traiteur of his Royal highness the Grand Duke of Oldenburg, for he spent here plenty of time with this family. Another very famous guest in the ‘”Schuchardt’s” was King Friedrich August III. of Saxony.

The “Schuchardt’s Hotel” used to be an important venue on Norderney for the Schuchardt family was always firmly connected with life on Norderney. 1870-1880 there was a building boom on Norderney. In its course changes were made to the hotel, too. So in 1879 the prominent tower of the hotel was erected; at that time it still had a little bell that rang simultaneously with the kurhaus clock. There was a large pavilion by the hotel serving as a popular meeting point after theatre performances or concerts.

After World War II the hotel manager Hans-Joachim Koenig leased the “Schuchardt’s Hotel” from the last Schuchardt’s widow. Shortly before the large hall on the east side had been converted into a branch bank and various shops. Mr. Koenig rebuilt the hotel according to modern wants and so the dancing bar still known as “Frasquita” and the “Kajüte (cabin)” originated. In the beginning the hotel still went by the name “Schuchardt’s” until the house was renamed “Hotel Koenig” in 1975.

During the night of 24th September 1989 the “Hotel Koenig” burnt out completely. It was the worst fire on Norderney since 1926. The damage was estimated at 3 million DM. Arson was presumed and finally proved but the culprit was never caught. After the fire the Lieflaender Brothers from Menden bought the entirely hollowed and listed house and rebuilt the hotel completely. All 49 rooms were built entirely new, the disco “Broadway”, the restaurant “Norderneyer Treff” and the beer parlour “Fischerkate”.

On 1st February Sascha Nuechter leased the island hotel “Koenig” from the Lieflaender Brothers. After the tenant change numerous conversion works were tackled. The disco “Broadway” became “Tanzinsel Strandkorb” (dancing island beach chair), the reception until then positioned on the first floor was relocated near the main entrance on the ground floor and the former “Friesenecke (Frisian corner)” became “Buelow Bar”. New wall-to-wall carpets were laid throughout the house, new lighting installed and a lot more. The island hotel Koenig matched again its 4-stars standard. On the first floor a conference room for about 15 persons was developed.

In 2000 a new period of extension and conversion began: the former listed art house was entirely hollowed so that only the external walls remained. The whole interior was redecorated and 43 new guest rooms with an appealing ambience arose meeting the standard as usual: cable TV, direct-dialling telephone, mini bar, radio, hair dryer and en-suite bathroom/shower & toilet. So the old art house became our four-star guesthouse annexe “Koenig Residenz”. Guests of the “Residenz” take our comprehensive buffet breakfast or other gastronomical achievements in our restaurant “Norderney Treff”. All further facilities of our main house were at our guests’ disposal at all times.

In 2003 we went online: On the gallery floor there is a computer terminal available for our guests to surf the web, write or check mails.

The third restoration period was attempted in 2005: the construction of a new sauna world. For that purpose we purchased the premises behind our main building to establish a completely new sauna world. Today there are at our guests’ disposal over an area of 120 sq m: a Finnish sauna, a steam sauna, a sanarium, adventure shower, foot basins for alternating foot bathing as well as a recreation room. In the antechamber of the sauna a modern solarium found its place.

In March 2006 we followed another trend of the time: Hot Spot. You can go online throughout the restaurant area incl. terrace and the rooms of the main house with your laptop via Wi-Fi.

Also the year 2007 brought along changes: For the first time in the history of the hotel we offer our guests exclusively non-smoker rooms and our restaurant and the hotel bar are considered smokeless area. For our also welcome smoking guests the conference room was converted into a cosy smoker room with flat TV.


In November 2008 Sascha Nuechter bought the “Inselhotel Koenig”. With the change of ownership again numerous conversions were made. The disco “Strandkorb” (deck chair) was closed, instead retail areas originated in the rooms. The beer parlour “Fischerkate” was gutted and completely reconstructed so that since the reopening in March 2009 a modern and cosy ambience presents itself to the guests where you also may smoke. In the ancient tower of the building two exclusive suites with a lovely view over Norderney are at the guests’ disposal.

Furthermore the entire outer facade of the hotel was refurbished from January till March 2009 so that the “Inselhotel Koenig” shone like new.

Already in January and February 2010 eleven double rooms in one hotel section were redecorated and equipped with everything necessary for a DEHOGA-4-stars classified room. (German Hotel-& Catering Association).

In November 2010 Mr. Nuechter decided for a new conception of the restaurant “Norderney Treff”, which was executed in February 2011 in a fundamental refurbishing period. The restaurant – 20 years ago built in Moevenpick restaurant style – was furnished with an up-to-date modern ambience. Highlight of the new restaurant is the ethanol-run fireplace. Now of course a new name for the redecorated restaurant was needed. After thorough considerations one decided for “Leib und Seele” derived from the idiom ‘Food and drink keeps body and soul together’. Meanwhile it enjoys great popularity with all age groups.

In November 2011 things went on: the entire second floor was refurbished. 24 new rooms were built, 9 single rooms and 15 double rooms.

In February 2012 the last rooms on the third floor were also refurbished. Now our main house is completely equipped with new rooms all conforming with the DEHOGA-4 stars standard. Thus the “Inselhotel Koenig” now has 11 single rooms and 38 double rooms available. At the same time the leasing contract with the owner of the former art house ceased and with the farewell to our annexe “Residenz” the sometimes a little rigid booking system was also thrown overboard.

In future in the “Inselhotel Koenig” we will increasingly focus on flexible packages combined with enjoyment and recreation.

…and far from over!

By the removal of the reception into the atrium in November 2012 a lot of room for extending and refurbishing our hotel bar “Buelow Bar” was made. Both shine like new…

In March 2013 the first Photo seminar of the “Inselhotel Koenig” is performed. As Germany’s first “photo resort” we offer different theme packages when both beginners and advanced photographers, accompanied by experts, can try high-class lenses and valuable bodies and learn photography. Labels like Sigma, Sony, Canon, and Nikon supply various models for that.

February 2015 brought again refurbishing activities to the hotel. New wall-to-wall carpets were laid on the floors and in the staircase and the light-flooded atrium as well as the stairway got a modern look by additional colour design.

After this our sun terraces in front of the Buelow Bar and of the restaurant “Leib und Seele” were redesigned. From the old ambience to maritime timber constructions – the terraces shine in the new design. New furniture, inbuilt sofas and armchairs offer each guest a pleasant feel good ambience.

We look forward to your feedback!